Zone of 100

My homunculus is being naughty today: whining, angry, complaining.  But, I am not going to let him get me down!  Instead, I'm going to apply some of what we learned previously to block out the sounds of my obnoxious homunculus.  In the 100 Breaths challenge, we attempted to focus on our breathing and count 100 consecutive breaths.  This wasn't easy for me, but it did make me feel more focused and calm.  So today, for our daily mind workout we will live the 100 breaths challenge:

Zone of 100

Test: Get (and stay) in "the zone" today.

Info: We will discuss the details and science of "getting in the zone" in detail during later posts.  But, for now, let's just think of it as that state when you feel totally in the moment, totally focused on the task at hand.  It should be a pleasant, confident, productive, effective feeling.  We're going to try to get into that state today by using the 100 Breaths exercise.

Goal: Don't let worry or thoughts muck up your flow!  Whenever your homunculus tries to butt in with distracting thoughts, start counting your breath.  Each time you start, try to finish the count through 100 consecutive breaths.  The goal is to try to get past little moments of hesitation, doubt, or anxiety by focusing on our breathing.

Singing in a bubble is optional (see video).

Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts thus far. The merger of Kate Bush, one's inner voice and focused advice is expertly woven into this Brain Train. Keep the games coming!

Vince said...

Thanks anon! The Happy Homunculus loves to get feedback from his readers. Let us know how your mental training progresses!

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