Meal Plan

Don't think about food!
This week at The Happy Homunculus, we're smushing, squishing, bending, and folding our homunculi to our will.  No longer will the impulses and urges that pop in and out of our head control us!  Oh, no - we are in control of ourselves....  Until our homunculus gets hungry, that is.

When those thoughts of food creep in, many of us play servant to our mighty inner voice: "EAT."  Of course, hunger is one of the most basic, innate drives we have, so it isn't surprising that controlling our eating habits is tough stuff.  The fact is, reducing food intake is a painful process, so don't feel ashamed if it's hard for you, or if you feel you could do a better job.  That is totally normal.  Changing our eating habits is really, really hard.  But it is possible, if our thinking first we change... says Yoda.

Unfortunately, what goes through most of our heads when we "give in" to temptation is more along the lines of: "What is wrong with me? Why can't I control my impulses?"  This pessimistic thought process is self-defeating, because by assuming that the problem is personal and permanent, our future potential for change drops big time.  The truth is, self-control isn't all or nothing: either you have it or you don't.  Instead, I like to think of self-control as a continuum: some days are easier than others. Today, your challenge is to prove this to yourself by controlling what you eat for a single day.  This "small win" can then act as future proof that we have some degree of self-control, which can provide a big boost of hope any time we fall off the wagon.

Meal Plan

Task: Plan all your meals for the day in advance, and stick to your plan.

Info: This game isn't about self-deprivation per-se, it's about self-control.  For this reason, you fail the challenge either if you eat something not on your plan, or if you don't eat everything on the plan.  That's right: you must eat exactly everything on the plan, nothing more, nothing less.  In making your meal plan, visualize the "perfect" day of eating - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks - and how you'll get all the food.  Then, execute.  Also, one final note: tomorrow, after your day of self-control, make sure you don't "rebound" and eat differently than you normally would.  Control your eating for one day, then return to your routine.

Goal: Do not deviate from your meal plan.  If you fail, you must try again until you succeed.  Modify your plan, if needed.

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