Peace and Quiet

Some go to great lengths
to find peace and quiet.
Meditation isn't just for hippies anymore, so don't be so judgmental.  Meditation is increasingly becoming recognized as a strategy for training our minds and initiating the relaxation response.  It must be in vogue since neurojournalist-extraordinaire Jonah Leher has picked up the scent, right?  So, being the open-minded cognitive superstars that we are, we're going to be meditating this week to relax.  Are you excited to relax?  Me too: I just high-fived my homunculus...

This whole week, we're going to be applying meditation-inspired techniques to initiate a relaxation response.  For this reason, it is very important that we decide on a place where we can meditate without being disturbed.  Finding your special place is today's challenge.  Simple, right?  Then do it!

Peace and Quiet

Task: Decide on a mediation spot and sit there for 20 minutes.

Info: Finding a great place to have peace and quiet is so important.  You want to feel like you can have the privacy to zone-out and relax without being bothered.  Find a place that maximizes solitude and quiet.  I appreciate that this can be difficult for some people (city-dwellers, particular jobs) but do your best.  I used to work in a warehouse and I remember seeing some coworkers heading out to their cars for peace and quiet.  Try to be creative, but decide on a place to meditate and stick with it for the week.  And, one final thing: think about when you'll be meditating.  The challenges this week will require 20-30 minutes, so consider where and when makes the most sense to meditate.

Goal: Enjoy your meditation spot for 20min.  Don't do any fancy meditating yet.  Just sit and relax.

Also, help other readers come up with ideas by posting your where you meditate in the comments. The more creative, the better!

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