Physical Flow

C'mon, get physical!
This week, we're feeling the Flow - that sweet state-of-mind when we're in the zone, operating at our peak.  Incidentally, this state is associated with feelings of fulfillment, so searching for flow is a no-brainer.  During previous challenges, we've found flow in our daily lives and turned a chore into a flow activity. Today, we're going to get physical to get flow, so get warmed up!

Of all activities, physical activities - especially sports - seem to go hand-in-hand with a flow state.  As we've discussed, activities that trigger flow are characterized by three traits: well-defined goals, immediate feedback, and appropriate challenge.  Physical endeavors, tasks that require movement and action in the real world, frequently match this profile.

But physical activities aren't restricted to sports.  Things like gardening, crafts, or do-it-yourself projects require hands-on effort.  Furthermore, these activities are perfect for flow: the goals are normally clear, you can see your progress right away, and they are often self-correcting in terms of level of challenge (you can move at your own pace).

What physical activities provide you with Flow?  Today, do something physical and let yourself get into it:

Physical Flow

Task: Find flow in a physical task.

Info: Pick any physical activity (one that requires movement of your body or part of your body) and focus on the task in a way that is conducive to flow.  Consider these questions: What are your goals for the activity?  How are you progressing?  Is the challenge appropriate?  What could you do to match the challenge to your skills?  As I mentioned before, athletics are great for producing flow, but not necessary for this task.  I especially like working with my hands and find any task of that nature to produce Flow.  Find something that works for you. 

Goal: Maintain flow for at least 30min.

Post your preferred physical Flow-maker in the comments!

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