I did not photoshop this. It's real.
Recently, I've been both literally and figuratively sitting on my arse.  Yesterday, I revealed that I don't do enough physical activity and my homunculus wept with guilt.  Today, I must reveal another vice: not accomplishing anything.

Yes, I love to procrastinate.  Also, I love to procrastinate by pretending I'm not procrastinating by doing a lot of planning and organization.  I especially love to try out new day-planners and list-making software and rewrite my entire to-do list using different colored sharpies on monkey-shaped post-it-notes. Ok, not the last thing, but I'm pretty bad.  Thusly, today's challenge resonates with Yours Truly.  We're going to observe how much time we spend actually doing real work.  Not thinking about work.  Not planning to work. Working. 


Task: Observe time spent gettin' things done.

Info: As I said before, I think of work-related tasks as either planning or actually working.  Sometimes planning is useful, so as before, the point of today's challenge is to not change our behavior so that we spend less time planning.  Instead, we want to simply observe, or become self-aware of, how much time is spent actually accomplishing things vs. planning to accomplish things.  For example, when I write a to-do list that includes "Make appointment for homunculus", that's planning.  When I pick up the phone and schedule the meeting for my homunculus, that's working.  How much time do you spend in either mode?

Goal: Generate a rough estimate of the ratio of time spent planning to time spent working.

Do you pity me and my homunculus for our procrastination predilection?  If so, cheer us up by clicking one of the social buttons at the bottom of the page!  Gracias!

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