Week of Memory

Let us join virtual hands and remember The Week of Memory.  We have explored the most powerful and proven memory tricks; now, nothing can stop us from remembering anything that comes our way.  Names? Nothing.  Complex systems?  Done.  Lists of random stuff?  Of course.  Whole textbooks? BRING IT ON.

Wait, actually I can't remember what we went over this week...  You too?  That's cool.  Here it is again:

Week of Memory

Day 1: Childhood Home - A palace of memories.
Day 2: Lewd, Crude, and Rude - Because boring isn't memorable.
Day 3: Name Game - Time to rhyme.
Day 4: Mental Model - Details are good.
Day 5: Pretty Pictures - Worth a whole lot of words.
Day 6: Smell, Taste, Feel, and Sound - Close your eyes.

Ah, that jogs the ol' memory!  What a great week.  I'm very excited to continue to apply these memory tricks in the weeks to come.  Hopefully I'll remember to do so...

As for next week, I'm thinking it might be fun to play around with our emotions a bit.  Specifically, I want to see what sort of control we can exert on how we feel and, more importantly, how we react to how we feel.

Oh, noble Monkey of Calm: what is your secret?
I think all of us can relate to the experience of letting our emotions get the best of us.  We blow-up in anger at a loved one and say things we regret.  We get upset at a colleague and let it impede our ability to work in a team.  We feel sad about some event and let that sadness seep into other areas, preventing engagement.  In all of these examples, we would be much better off if we could only reign in our emotions a bit.

So, in honor of emotional regulation, next week will be the "Week of Calm".  We'll try some fun Daily Mind Games that will test our ability to maintain a cool head no matter what happens.  Personally, this is one of the main cognitive skills I wish I was better at, so I'm really looking forward to the week.

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