Characteristics for Change

Better get your change ready.
The head of the homunculus in my head is spinning!  Maybe it's because of all the self-referential jokes I've been making, but I'm pretty sure it's because I finally called the little jerk out on his resistance to change.  He's been arguing for awhile that we really want to turn our lives around, but that it's just not possible:  "Sorry, chief, we've done everything we can...  Guess it's time to relax."

"Not so fast!" Says I to myself.  "I'm smarter than you [talking to myself, again], and I know that the real reason we haven't made that big change is because we're ambivalent about changing."  I hope you've been having similar conversations with yourself (although, not out loud).  Today, we're going to continue think about motivation and add one more layer to our growing sense that change is inevitable.

The goal for this Daily Mind Challenge is to get pumped up about changing by thinking about how we have what it takes to change.  We've been writing a lot of lists this week in order to focus on the reasons change is good.  Hate to say it, but we're writing another list today, but this time it's about ourselves.

Characteristics for Change

Task: Bring that main goal to mind that will require you to change your behavior. Brainstorm a list of all the characteristics you possess that make you suited to change.

Info: This is a bit of an awkward challenge since we're forced to get all sweet and syrupy with ourselves.  If you're modest, this can be one of the more difficult types of challenges.  But, remember, you're not trying to lie to yourself here, or be cocky.  Simply identify some facts about yourself, or remember some examples in the past, that provide evidence for why you would be able to make a change if you decided to.  Examples you could use might include: "I'm open to the possibility that change is feasible", "I'm smart enough to trick myself into changing", "I've completed long-term projects in other contexts", etc.

Goal: Create a list of at least 5 characteristics about yourself that make you suited to handling a change.  It's ok to use the three examples I provided above if you feel stuck.  Don't give up!  And remember to show yourself compassion...

Author's note: Are the challenges during this Week of Motivation inspiring you? Well, these posts have been inspired by the book Motivational Interviewing, Second Edition: Preparing People for Change.  Buy the book  via the link and you'll be supporting the Happy Homunculus.  We have no affiliation with the authors!


Anna said...

The following characteristics make me suited to changing:

1. This spiral of inefficiency and standing still is a new thing
2. I have been highly motivated and constantly growing at other periods of my life
3. Those around me have great confidence in me and I just need to rediscover that confidence in myself
4. I am capable of making the smallest changes that can add up to completing my goals
5. I am incredibly smart and capable when I am committed

Vince Panzano said...

Nice work Anna! My favorite trick for staying motivated is this thought exercise:

Something is always better than nothing. Seriously.

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