Self Empathy

Show yourself some love.
Can you feel the love?  Our Week of Empathy is coming to a close and I've saved the best (and most difficult) challenge for last.  Today, we'll be empathizing with ourselves.  POW!

Yes, we're going to get a bit funky today and really play some jedi-mind-tricks with our homunculus until it/he/she doesn't know what happened.  If you are anything like me, you frequently do things in a way that is, to put it gently, less than ideal.  And, if you're anything like me, when I don't do things "right", my first reaction is to get mad: "Myself!  You cat-hair sandwich, I told you to stop procrastinating and there you go.  You spend all day deciding on a computer wallpaper and playing online poker!  You are worthless!"  Ouch.

Now, on the one hand, I don't want to be self-deluded and convince myself that I'm perfect or that if I do nothing but think happy thoughts, my life will improve.  No, I know I have to change my behavior to change my life.  But, I found guilt to be a terrible motivator.  I messed up, but guess what?  Everyone does, so who cares?  This is self-empathy in a nutshell.  You are not approving of your mistakes (it's still bad homunculus).  Instead, you are acknowledging that mistakes happen and that it's time to move on and try again.


Task: Show yourself empathy for 15min

Info: This can be a hard challenge, especially if you are accustomed to viewing yourself in a bad light.  But, we've practiced compassion all week.  Let's direct a bit of that at ourselves.  No one is perfect.  All that matters is we keep trying to make things better.  Getting mad does nothing but make yourself feel like dirt.  Uggh.  How would an employee respond to the things you say to yourself?  If the answer is "not well", then try something different.

Goal: Try to show real self-empathy: don't say things you don't believe but remain supportive and positive.
For reasons I'll get into later, this challenge is a perfect transition into next week's theme: motivation!  Subscribe to follow along...

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