Day of Doing

Ready, set, aim, aim, aim, aim....
I'm so proud of myself - I spent all day planning to write this post.  I was drafting strategies for how to start the post.  Possible titles stormed from my brain.  I thought about the percentage of bold, to italic, to regular text.  And, I wrote down a list of all my favorite gerunds in case I had the desire to layer on some gerunds.  Psych! I didn't really do all that planning.  If I did, I would have spent more time planning to write than actually writing.  Too bad I'm not that smart all the time, however: I often waste tons of time planning instead of working.  But not today.

During last week's "Working" challenge, the goal was to determine the ratio of time spent planning to work to the time spent actually doing stuff.  I need to spend more time actually working, so today, the plan is to not plan at all.

Day of Doing

Task: No planning or organizing allowed for one day of work.

Info: Planning and organizing is fun and is a great way to make yourself feel better while you're not working.  Unfortunately, after all that planning, the work still has to happen.  Working, on the other hand, is sometimes painful in the short term, but in the long term feels a lot better than planning ever will.  So, today, no planning.   I'll let you decide what to classify as working vs. planning, but be honest with yourself.

Goal: Get stuff done.  One point for each task completed.  Five points if the task has been on your mind for a week or more.  Ten points if the task has been nagging you for a month or more.

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