Bed Time

Hi there, sleepy-head!  Are you all pumped up to get some sleep?  I know it's crazy to get hyped about sleeping, but I can't help it.  My homunculus loves to zonk out.  So, during this Week of Sleep, we're going to pull out all the stops in order to hack our sleep to a whole new level.

The Daily Mind Games for the week are going to take a slightly different tack than normal.  Our goal each day will be to add one more element to an increasingly sophisticated bed-time ritual.  The point is that by creating a standard pre-bed routine, our brain will come to associate the process with relaxation and proximity to sleep.  Set behaviors will also help train our circadian clock to a particular sleep cycle, and that will increase the liklihood of solid slumber.

The goal.

The first element of our bed time routine will be, well, selecting a bed-time.  We all have a sense of how much sleep we need and/or want to get each night.  We also have a sense of our daily routines: time to arrive at work, time to commute, time to get ready, etc.  So, let's work backward and figure out a rough time we need to get to bed.

Bed Time

Task: Determine the perfect time to be asleep.

Info: Estimate the time needed for morning routines accurately.  Do the math: what time do you need to be at work/school? What needs to happen in the morning before work?  What time do you need to get up to finish all that?  Next, select a sleep time that is appropriate for you.   I function best with around 8hrs.  Add your preferred sleep time to your morning time needs.  Subtract that time from the time to be at work, and you have bed-time.  That's about the time you'll want to be going under.  For example, I need to be in at 10am. It takes me 2.5hrs to get ready, commute and exercise.  I need 8hrs of sleep, so I need to be asleep by 10am-2.5hrs-8hrs=11:30pm.  That's bed-time for me.

Goal: Select a manageable, and appropriate, bed-time considering your morning routine and sleep needs.

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