Time to get this Week of Productivity, Level 2 back on track.  Previously, we played around with some Daily Mind Games that were designed to get our motivation up, get us in the zone, and make getting things done fun. Today, we're switching from overt productivity to a psychological trick to make ourselves work harder with less pain.  It's time to put ourselves first!

All work and no play...
When it comes to productivity, often the problem is that we're too hard on ourselves: we push ourselves too hard.  I do this all the time.  I think the answer to getting more out of myself is to keep pushing the pace.  Unfortunately, all that drive for more, more, more creates feelings of self-resentment, burn-out, and even fear.

Instead, when I schedule times for recovery, relaxation and reward, I am much more likely to work without resentment and burn-out.  Paradoxically, by putting pleasure first our work sessions will be more effective, because we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and can pick a more appropriate pace.


Task: Schedule at least 3 hours of leisure time for today.

Info: How you define leisure is a personal choice, but before you start your day, plan on 3 hours of leisure ahead of time.  For example, I might schedule an hour-long workout for myself, an hour of television and an hour of fun reading.  I would decide on the exact times of the day when these things will happen, and I'll stick to that schedule.  When you decide on your leisure times, be sure to anticipate possible conflicts.  In order to win today's Daily Mind Game you must engage in your planned leisure activities during the planned times.

Goal: Stick to your "unschedule".

This is a macro version of the DMG "Kudos" except that instead of micro-rewards, we plan on larger more macro-rewards that come after, or during, a day of hard work.  For me, when I know I have some fun to look forward too, I work harder and more consistently.  The key is to stick to the "unschedule" or else the potential for motivation evaporates!


Marc Van Der Linden said...

Great idea, to "'unschedule''' ... I do this most of the days. Some hours of blog reading, 1 hour of walking and 3 to 4 time a week running or swimming. Theses are the most relaxing moments of my day and very inspirational.

Thanks for sharing!

Vince Panzano said...

Yes sirree, Marc. Having some fun to look forward to is an amazing motivator. As they say, all work and no play... right???

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