Off the Brakes

Let it out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Week of Calm is coming to an end.  Hopefully y'all had fun playing with your emotional awareness and control.  I know I did, but my homunculus?  Not so much.  Like the rambunctious monkey he is, he's all tuckered out from being forced to sit quietly and patiently while I take care of business.  However, a tame homunculus is not always a good thing.  Sometimes you have the let the monkey out of the cage.

Emotional control comes in two flavors.  On the one hand, we don't want uncontrolled outbursts to undermine important relationships.  On the other, exposing emotions to others is an important form of communication.  In many cases, showing some emotion is the only way to communicate the importance of something.

In any case, the name of the game is to modulate the intensity of our emotions.  Really intense emotional outbursts are rarely an effective way to communicate.  Instead, talking calmly about emotions with some small outward signs is the best way to go.  That's today's DMG:

Off the Brakes

Task: Communicate your emotions to someone else.

Info: It's ok to get emotional.  It's ok to let others see our emotions.  We don't need to feel like we can't have emotions; that's impossible.  But, we will be better off if we don't go ballistic.  Today, when you have some emotion and when you think communicating that emotion is important, let off the brakes and talk about your emotions.  The goal is to do it in a calm, measured way so you don't freak out the other party.

Goal: Remain calm while talking about your emotions.

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