Week of Flow

Go with the flow.
Good work masters of metacognition!  You've completed another Week of Metacognition: the Week of Flow is behind us.  But, that doesn't mean we should forget what we've learned...  Oh, no. Flow is a state of mind, a state of engagement with the task at-hand and, as we've discussed already, depends on how we think about the things we do.  I hope you will continue to look at all your activities as opportunities to get in the zone.

Miss The Week of Flow?  Missed The Week of Flow? Try it again for the first time:

Week of Flow

Day 1: Finding Flow - Look out for flow.
Day 2: Feast of Flow - Flow, with food.
Day 3: Physical Flow - Flow, with movement.
Day 4: Liquid List - Your to-do list is a game.
Day 5: Liquid Life - Your life is a game.
Day 6: Stream of Consciousness - Your thinking is a game.

Next week, The Happy Homunculus is going to be all about Productivity.  I recently read The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel, which made the interesting link between procrastination and impulsiveness.  Reading the book inspired me to inspire my readers to be more productive, so next week I've prepared some fun Daily Mind Games that are designed to help us produce.  Fun!

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