Friendly Feedback

Hmm, perhaps I should have dubbed this week the Week of Getting Feedback instead of the Week of Feedback.  I mean, all the Daily Mind Games this week have been dedicated to getting more information for, and about, ourselves.  Maybe my homunculus has a selfish streak or something, but I just love getting feedback, since it's all about me, me, me.  However, giving feedback is a critical skill too, and one I desperately need to improve.

One way of giving feedback.

Each of us can think of a time when someone criticized us in a bad way: general criticism, combative and aggressive.  This is feedback done wrong.  Instead, wouldn't it have been nice to receive criticism delivered in a friendly, supportive way, specially packaged to motivate us?  Well, if we want to get feedback in the optimal way, perhaps we should lead by example, eh?

Friendly Feedback

Task: Practice giving feedback.

Info: Each of us has some expertise, some area where we excel.  Today, look for someone doing something you think you're pretty good at and, when you see some room for improvement, give some friendly feedback.  The goal is to deliver the advice in a way that is totally non-confrontational.  In fact, it should come across as downright helpful.  So, empathize to the max, and think of a way to deliver the feedback in a way that will be most helpful to your colleague.  If you evoke defensiveness, you failed!

Goal: Your target happily incorporates your suggestion.

Congrats! We've completed the Week of Feedback!  Now, give me some feedback: post your thoughts about the week in the comments...  Thanks :)

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