Game Time

Yesterday, we discussed the merits of framing goals as approach goals.  In simple terms, we want to achieve something, not avoid something.  Avoiding stuff doesn't get us anywhere, we need to do something positive to make our lives meaningful.  In that spirit, today's Daily Mind Game is simple and fun.  It's about our to-do list, which normally isn't fun. But, today, we're going to approach our list as, well, as a series of approach goals.  As many as we can.... Before time runs out!

Get yo' game on.

Games are incredible tools for getting in the zone.  And, as we've discussed before, flow can be achieved when we tackle our to-do list.  So, let's be more explicit about making our to-do list a game: this will maximize the potential for flow and productivity!

Game Time

Task: Assign "points" to each item on your to-do list.

Info: Assign point values, from 1 to 100, for each item on your to-do list.  Don't spend a lot of time setting up the game, use your gut: more points, more important.  Then, play the game!  How many points can you earn yourself before the day is up?  To make this more of a game, decide on a set end-time for your day: i.e. you must leave work by 5:30pm and no later.  When the buzzer goes off, you're done.  How could you maximize your total points earned?

Goal: Earn as many points as possible!

To reiterate, assign points however you like.  If there is some task that, if completed, would change your world, give it 100 points.  Other tasks might get only 1, or 5 points.  Whatevs.  But, once you've assigned  your point values, come up with a strategy for maximizing points and get r' done!

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