To-do to Goal

Our to-do list as a game: it's a fun, mental trick to help us make it though a day of arduous tasks.  However, eventually, treating our tasks as a game is going to lose its luster.  Even the most fun games can become tiresome after time, especially once we've plateaued, because they seem arbitrary.  Once we "beat" the game, why continue to play without greater meaning?  So, we must layer on an additional trick of motivation to keep our work-day fresh.  Today let's give our to-do list purpose.

What's the goal?
A common problem I experience is that I often lose sight of the bigger picture when I'm trying to get stuff done.  I start to go through the motions, checking things off a list I made, without remembering the reason for an individual task.  My list becomes a generic "inbox", and once items make it into the list, I often just do them without giving it much thought.

However, this lack of "purpose" is a quick path to procrastination.  Why work without a reason? So, today, let's go through our list of things to do and link each element with a larger goal.  What goal does the task address?

To-do to Goal

Task: Assign a larger goal to each item on your to-do list.

Info: This is an easy DMG.  At the end of each task, in parenthesis, come up with some larger purpose or goal that is associated with the task.  For this exercise, the "bigger picture" the better.  You want to remind yourself of the reason you're doing something in the first place.  When I do this, I'm quickly motivated to push through and get to work, because now I have a reason to do so.

Goal: Increase motivation by giving your work purpose.

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