One Task

You can only pick one.
TGIF! The work week is coming to an end and our "Week of Focus" is going swimmingly.  To recap, we've been playing some Mind Games with our homunculi each day in an attempt to get them to calm down and be more focused.

But, for me and my homunculus, yesterday's challenge didn't go so well...  My inner voice was whispering: "Surf the web...  Don't work....  Work is sooooo HARD.  Let's just relax!"  And instead of focusing on the objects around me to ignore these suggestions, I gave in a bit.  But that wasn't fun either, because I felt guilty the whole time for not working and didn't enjoy it!  Damn homunculus.

Today will be different.  I'm refocusing on focusing on focusing and am proposing this productivity-centric challenge:

One Task

Task: Focus your attention on one task, and only one task, for 30min.

Info: This challenge is about focus, not about doing anything, per-se.  With that in mind, the aim is to simply attend to a task, like we've attended to our breath or external objects.  Let's really focus on the subject matter related to that task.  Be patient, let ideas come and go, but really try to understand the task and what it requires of you.  You could also visualize what the world will look like after the task is completed.  What will completion of the task feel like?  What will completion of the task require?  What will starting the task feel like?  You don't have to actually do anything if you don't want to; but, of course, you could focus on the task while doing it, and that would be pretty great too :)

Goal: Do not break focus on a selected task until 30min is complete.  After 30min, feel free to switch to a new task or collapse from exhaustion.

Good luck!

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