Small Change

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Are you so totally jazzed up about making a big change in your life that you've been chest-bumping yourself in the mirror?  You're not alone.  Even my homunculus is starting to believe that a positive change is possible.  He was break-dancing in my dome into the wee hours of the night.

I alluded to this earlier, but let me remind you that by thinking differently about how we might motivate ourselves, we have made a change already - in our thinking.  That is no small thing.  Being able to change how we think is a major metacognitive skill.  So, pat your homunculus on the back... With your mind!

Today, we're going to add a +1 to our "things we've changed" list.  Specifically, the goal of this Daily Mind Game, is to make one small change today that gets you a little closer to that goal you've been staring down.

Small Change

Task: Make one small change.

Info: Choose one tiny thing to change today that moves you toward your goal.  It can be a very, very small change!  Walk for 5 minutes. Drink one fewer can of soda.  Smoke one less cigarette. Do one nagging unfinished task.  The point of this exercise is not to make a huge number of changes.  Resist the temptation to do that.  Instead, pick one, atomic-level thing from your plan and make sure you stick to it.  If you do, then you have proven to yourself that you can change your own behavior.  That is the bee's knees.

Goal: Change your behavior in some way.  Pick something you will not fail at!

Congrats, you've changed: rinse and repeat and you're a different person. Seriously.

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