Intention to Change

I think I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinking the same thing: I am ready to make it happen.  I'm ready to change my life for the better.  This week, we've already done so much to get our brains ready to make a big change.  Now we know: 1) that a change will be awesome, 2) not changing would be dumb, 3) we're able to make a change, and 4) the facts about changing.  Guess what my friend-in-metacogntion?  We already have made a change: in the way we think!  So cool.

Self-affirmation: SNL skit or metacognitive-judo?

Let's keep the momentum going, shall we?  Today's challenge requires more semi-strange talking with ourselves.  Specifically, we're going to make an agreement with our own mind.  Que? K.

Intention to Change

Task: Make a promise to yourself that you will start to change.

Info: You may have noticed that the agreement is that we will start to change.  This is a subtle, but important, point.  We aren't making a promise to change overnight.  No, that would be nearly (if not actually) impossible. Change isn't all-or-nothing: it's a process that takes time and patience.  We're simply making an agreement with ourselves to start the process.

Goal: Make the promise to yourself with a spirit of keeping that promise.  Don't make the promise if you are not yet willing to keep the promise to start changing.  If that's the case, repeat the previous exercises for the Week of Motivation and try again.

Nice job!

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