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Welcome to the Happy Homunculus!  You might be wondering what the heck is going on here?  Fair question: we're talking about some funky stuff after all.

Simply, our mission is to improve our thinking via metacognition (thinking about our thinking) - essentially, we want to understand what science can tell us about the most effective thinking strategies and apply those principles to our own thinking.  The goal?  Better performance and improved mood.

To that end, we've been conducting a little experiment in applied metacognition: each day we are attempting a different Daily Mind Game that is designed to improve some aspect of our thinking.  In addition, we've been grouping these challenges into week-long themes in order to maintain some focus and make some lasting changes in how we think.

So far, we've completed a Week of Focus and a Week of Empathy.  Currently, we've been trying to improve our own motivation to change during this Week of Motivation.  So far, we've tried the following challenges:

Day 1: Benefits of Change
Day 2: No to the Status Quo
Day 3: Characteristics for Change
Day 4: Expertise for Change
Day 5: Intention to Change

We have one more challenge to go for the week (then one day off).  Hopefully, you'll follow along as I put my own homunculus through his paces.  Also, please comment on the articles.  My homunculus would love some feedback about how these challenges work for you!

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