If you're lucky enough to have someone working for you, it's a slippery slope.  You want schtuff to get done and the pecking order is clear, so why waste time with pleasantries?  In fact, no need to even converse with your subordinates...  Just push them in the direction of the task to be completed and grunt one-word instructions.  You're the boss right?

Do what I say!

In the short term, that may be a fine strategy.  However, in the long run, understanding the motivations, fears, and anxieties of those working for you will ensure that you can do everything you can to support job satisfaction, engagement and productivity.  Perhaps in a dream world we'd all have employees that were unfeeling cyborgs that required no food, sleep, or emotional support.  Earth to Homunculi - that just isn't the way things are.  People have to be treated with humanity, or they will not like you and won't want to do things for you.  Bottom line.

Be sure to take into account Robocop's feelings

In order to develop this skill of treating subordinates compassionately, for today's challenge we're going to treat subordinates compassionately. GASP!


Task: Maintain an empathetic approach when interacting with subordinates.

Info: This challenge is intentionally vague - when you are having conversations with employees, simply start considering how they may be feeling or thinking.  See if this strategy improves interactions with those working for you.

Goal: Try to remain focused on how things are going for your employees during even tough interactions.  Remember, you are a team - helping them helps you.  We've practiced this, so you should have some metacognitive strategies to apply.

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