In the Complex Relationship challenge, we did some heavy thinking about a complex relationship: one that isn't simply good or bad, but has a lot of dimension...  You know, like a fine cheese.

Think of your boss like cheese.

Yesterday, we started to apply metacognition to our relationships with coworkers by re-framing interactions with our subordinates to be more empathetic and compassionate.  Simply, the goal was to think about our relationship with our employees as a win-win scenario: if your employee is happier, they are more likely to Get-R-Done.

Larry the Cable Guy + Metacognition = Get-R-Done

Today, we're flipping the challenge around.  For today's Daily Mind Game, let's approach an interaction with our boss with empathy.  Prepare yourself: your boss may be really cranky.  She be stressed out and ready to go all not-empathetic on your brain.  But this challenge is less about your boss.  By adopting an empathetic mindset, you can save you from yourself.  This happens to me all the time: someone (not necessarily my boss) gets all up in my grill and I react like the evolved baboon that I am.  That is, I over-react.

Oh no you didn't

By being empathetic, I simply understand that my boss is a person too.  He gets stressed.  He over-reacts.  He doesn't spend time working on his metacognitive-ninja-skillz.  So, I just assume he's having a hard time and try not to take a bad moment too seriously.  I am a zen monk.


Task: Maintain an empathetic approach when interacting with a superior.

Info: You are human.  Your boss is human.  Humans are not perfect.  Treat your boss like he is not perfect.  Perhaps you could even go so far as to ask how your boss is doing (and mean it).  Maybe you'll be able to help in some easy way.

Goal: Show empathy toward your boss.  Use this metacognitive strategy to prevent over-reaction on your part.  Extra points if you accomplish this during your performance evaluation.

Good luck!  Post successes and failures in the comments...

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