Play Date

Time to have some fun!
How's your homunculus doing?  My homunculus is being a whiny, little brat after all of the self-control I've been sportin' this week.  He doesn't want to be controlled any more, and has taken to groaning louder and louder in a really annoying way.  But, today, our self-control challenge is one that even the most spoiled homunculi will enjoy: forced fun!

If you're like most people, you work too hard.  Most of us want to be responsible; and really pushing ourselves at work and home can be an amazing source of fulfillment.  But, as we discussed last week, making time for fun is important for both our mental and physical health.  Thus, today we're gon' have some fun!

Play Date

Task: Schedule a time with someone else and do something fun.

Info: What you consider fun is up to you, but you have to schedule the time and it has to be something you do with someone else.  Why another person?  Because scheduling something with someone else makes it a lot harder to change plans.  This way, we're more likely to actually do something fun.  Final rule: the something fun must last at least one hour.

Goal: Spend 1 hour or more having fun with someone else.

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