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Congrats mental magicians, you've nearly completed another Week of Metacognition at The Happy Homunculus - only one challenge remains.  As a reminder, this week has been about self-control, and we've been playing a bunch of Mind Games to exercise those self-control muscles.  So far, we've calmed ourselves down, made a meal plan, went to the gym, did some work, and did some non-work.  Today, we're going to make contact.

We've talked about it before, but the strength of our social support network has a major influence on both the quality and the length of our lives.  One disease that is very strongly correlated with social support is heart disease: both the probability of having a heart attack and the probability of surviving a hear attack are correlated with strong social ties.  This is probably due to the power of positive social interactions in mitigating stress and triggering relaxation.  We've discussed both of these topics before, but you should also check out The Heart Mind Connection and The Relaxation Response if you want more specific evidence linking social interactions, stress and heart disease.

Unfortunately, in modern societies where families are often separated by great distances, it is easy to neglect our important relationships.  Today, we're going to push ourselves out of our normal, day-to-day routine of limited social interaction and reach out to those people that give us the most joy.

Fave Five

Task: Contact your five favorite people.

Info: Different types of contact earn you different amount of points.  Send an email to a favorite person: +1 point.  Talk to a favorite person on the phone: +5 points.  See a favorite person face-to-face: 10 points.  Skype a favorite person: I dunno, +6.3 points?

Goal: Earn more than 30 metacognition points by contacting your fave five.

Check out the top of the page: I've added some new, spiffy options for sharing The Happy Homunculus.  Maybe you should send this post to one of your favorite people?  Just a suggestion...

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