Congratulations mental athletes - we have almost completed the Week of Relaxation here at The Happy Homunculus.  Isn't it sad?  But, don't fret yet.  Before we move on to a new weekly theme, we have one more challenge that will truly test our ability to get relaxed and stay relaxed.  Consider this our relaxing final exam.  Wait, that's not a good metaphor at all...

Don't look at the clock.

During previous meditations, checking the clock was allowed - we needed to know how long we'd been zoned-out.  Maybe this is just me, but when I meditate, I typically get all impatient and check the clock only to find that I've only been "under" for some ridiculously short period of time, like 3 minutes.  Ooph.  However, today, the challenge is to not let that happen.  The goal is to relax for a solid 20min without peeking at the clock.


Task: Meditate for 20min consecutively.

Info: Get relaxed in the same way as in previous challenges.  However, this time, you can't look at a clock until you've completed a solid 20min of meditation.  Let the thought of time go!  See if you can hit 20min before you check the time.  I've tried this challenge already and it is difficult, but fun.  I got totally lost and when I finally decided time was up, 35 minutes had passed!  Sweet.  If you check the clock before 20 minutes have elapsed, you have to start over!  And, no alarms either ;)

Goal: Don't look at the clock for 20min.

Good luck!  This is one of my favorite mental challenges, let me know if you enjoyed it!  Post your time in the comments.

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