Shhh!  Don't wake my homunculus...
Shhh!  My homunculus is sleeping and I don't want to wake him...  I don't think I've ever seen him this relaxed, but this Week of Relaxation is really working!  Let's keep pushing this relaxation thing, though, shall we?  I'm going to see just how docile I can make the little guy.

This week we've been trying some meditation-inspired challenges pulled from the pages of The Relaxation Response.  So far we've found a meditation spot, done nothing, adopted a mantra, and loosened up.  Today, we're going to continue with a visualization-based challenge.  We're going to visualize sinking.

I don't know about the universality of this, but the phrase "falling asleep" is interesting, isn't it?  Why does sleeping carry with it a sense of falling?  For me, I frequently experience the distinct sensation of falling when I'm about to sleep.  Has that happened to you?  Isn't it weird?!  Today, we're going to exploit this "falling down" imagery to switch our brains into an even deeper state of relaxation.


Task: Visualize sinking during 15min of meditation.

Info: The rules are the same as before: let's hit up our meditation spot, adopt a passive mentality, and start focusing in on our mantra.  Now, each time the mantra comes to mind, let's visualize sinking down into a dark, relaxing space.  I try to really picture the surfaces moving around me in a way that maximizes the effect of slow descent.  Also, I frequently cannot maintain the effort of visualization for a full 15min.  This is ok, I'll often just return to a standard meditation or open my eyes and chill out for awhile.  Remember, this should be relaxing, Okie-dokie?

Goal: Maximize the perception of descent during the meditation.

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