This Is For You

I'm going strong this week: pushing out the work like a man possessed.  Why? Cuz, I've got the skillz to pay the proverbial bills when it comes to conquering procrastination.  For starters, I'm focused on productivity, not procrastination, because that's what approach goals are all about.  Also, I'm treating work like a game to get into the zone, and reminding myself of the bigger picture to stay motivated.  Finally, I'm taking breaks and scheduling not-working because life would stink otherwise.  But all this has been about me, me, me.  If i'm really going to conquer procrastination, I need to make it about more than just me.

Do it for them.
That's right.  There's nothing more motivating than having someone to work hard for. It can be a child or a spouse, a mom or a brother.  It doesn't even have to be a family member: anyone you respect can be someone to work hard for.  Your boss.  Your mentor.  Your colleagues.

Today, increase your motivation by surrounding yourself with objects and images that remind you of the people who depend on you.  When you see their smiling faces, or the objects that remind you of them, you'll get back to work real quick.  Fo' sho.

This Is For You

Task: Surround yourself with mementos or photographs that remind you of the people who depend on you.

Info: Use whatever means necessary, but make sure you are always surrounded by cues reminding you that you are working hard for someone else.  Photographs work well, but you can also use objects that remind you of people you love or people who motivate you.  Make these objects take center stage, and see what happens to your motivation.  Also, if you ever find your motivation waning, take a look at your mementos and get a jolt.

Goal: Increase your motivation by working hard for someone else.

Does this task resonate with you?  It does for me: I use pictures of my wife and family to remind me what it's all about.  Then, I get back to work.  Let me know how you feel in the comments!


Marc Van Der Linden said...

Interesting idea - never have done as I'm not so in objects. But I will give it a try

Vince Panzano said...

Hey Marc, Objects aren't a necessity - feel free to use photographs if that's your thing. Whatever gets you pumped up!

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