During this Week of Empathy, we've been sowing the seeds of positive relationships.  We've cultivated compassion, re-framed a complex relationship, treated an employee nicely, and even treated our boss nicely (OMGod).  For today's Daily Mind Game, we're going to show someone who loves us and depends on us that we love them and depend on them too.

Metacognate, fo' your family

I don't know if this happens to you, but when someone I love is having a hard time, I want to fix the problem.  I offer all these possible solutions.  I hash it out and come up with a strategy.  I offer to bribe, threaten, and blackmail.  But gee-wiz, that usually does nothing but annoy the person.

I need a vacation... From my problems!

Really, when I do these things, I'm not thinking about the person, I'm thinking about the problem.  Unfortunately, when we focus on the problem, it forces the person to relive a bad scenario.  Not cool.  What I've been trying to do instead is to think more about what my loved-one needs in that moment.  And, more often than not, it's a simple hug, someone to listen, and confident assurance that everything will be ok.


Task: Show compassion to someone who depends on you for emotional support.

Info: The title "Dependent" would suggest that your child should be the target of this challenge, but that is not a requirement.  Anyone who "depends" on you deserves compassion.  During this challenge, try not to speak unless asked for your opinion directly.  Listen and offer emotional support only.  Let the person talk things out.  Show concern and be there as a sounding board.  If nothing bad is going on for the person you've selected, simply ask how they are doing and show interest and compassion.

Goal: Be a rock for your loved one.

Post success and failures in the comments!

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