Week of Self-Control

Control yourself.
Another Week of Metacognition in the books - the Week of Self-Control is complete.  The challenges last week touched on a number of different behaviors that significantly impact our health, mood, and productivity. If you completed each of the Self-Control challenges, you should be feeling pretty good: you can easily control your own behavior. So, when impulses start to bubble up in the future (and they will), just think back to all the times you were able to steer your own behavior.

Did you miss last week's challenges?  Try the full Week of Self-Control for yourself:

Day 1: Reset - Calm down.
Day 2: Meal Plan - Eat with a strategy.
Day 3: Show Up - Go through the motions.
Day 4: Day of Doing - Don't plan, do.
Day 5: Play Date - Force some fun.
Day 6: Fave Five - Call your peeps.

Next week, your humble author is going on vacation, so the Daily Mind Games are going to be paused for one week (this is a one man show).  But don't fear!  I've got some fun weeks planned.  In the coming weeks, I'm planning Weeks of Flow, Productivity, Memory, and Calm.  Sound good?  Are there any topics you'd like to see?  Post your thoughts in the comments :)

Also, stop by near the end of next week - I'll be posting about the three critical cognitive characteristics of top performers.  Do you want to be awesome?  This post is for you.  So stay tuned!

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